Well, I didn’t think too much about having own URL representation. Actually first lines of code appeared few days ago. I thought it as an interesting excercise and refresh my knowledge of how are these handled.

Knowing all of these I feel like System.Uri seems … strange, i.e. property Segments is supposed to have scheme specific parts of the path, but actually each scheme may have it handled on it’s own. Indeed, common internet protocol resource locators uses / char to build hierarchy in the address path but it’s not the case for other schemes. This means that the authors of System.Uri decided to somehow acknowledge IP based protocol addresses in a very special way. Unfortunately, they didn’t decide to acknowledge in a very special way HTTP based URLs as creating an instance of the System.Uri with a relative without specifying it explicitely fails.

Pity. Anyway - I decided to stick to generic parser that tries to detect URL’s scheme and find which of the internal parsers registered can do the job. I also decided to build a hierarchy of URL classes, of which the URL would be the most generic with just few common properties.

We’ll see how it will work with the rest of the infrastructure.