Stardate is 20… Ups, wrong one. Anyway, I’m getting lost in the project, thus, I’ll start to log my ideas and outcome of their implementation here.

There is also another reason for startin this log, but let’s leave it for a while.

So far I’ve menaged to create a working server side ReST API library and a Proof-Of-Concept class pure JavaScript client that consumes what server gives. From what I can remember, there are at least few things ahead:

  • performance considerations - it seems to perform no that bad at all, but there is always that can be improved
  • handling more sophisticated situations - in general whole thing needs some real-life use case scenarios
  • Hydra compiance - unfortunately, Hydra creators are reluctant to cover non-RDF cases which is against my master plan
  • skinnable client - there is no use of a client that cannot be used in real environment scenarios which usually requires heavy skinning

And when am I supposed to find time for these?